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SHAARP Lab Members Present at 2013 GSA Meeting (November 2013)

The lab was represented at the annual GSA meeting in New Orleans, LA with four presentations by Dr. Ross, Erica Schmidt and Wes Burge:

Ross, L. A. & Ball, K. Can cognitive interventions maintain mobility? Paper presented at the Cognitive Training: Results from the ACTIVE Study at 10 Years Symposium. Schmidt, E., Visscher, K. M., Burge, W., & Ross, L. A. Structural predictors of instrumental activities of daily living. Poster presentation. Ross, L. A., Denning, C. R., Schmidt, E., & Visscher, K. M. Cognitive training increases cognitive efficiency: Evidence from neuroscience? Poster presentation.

Choi, M., Bezuk, B., Ross, L. A., & Blonder, L. X. Driving limitations and perceived stress in later life. Paper presented at Driving Cessation in Later Life: Current Research and Future Challenges Symposium.


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