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Welcome our newest team members to the SHAARP lab (July 2021)

Dr. Christy Phillips is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Clemson Institute for Engaged Aging (IEA). Dr. Phillips is Co-Director of SHAARP lab and has a broad background in promoting well-being and everyday functional outcomes among older adults. She has over 30 years of combined research and programmatic experience related to optimizing and preserving health and functional abilities across the lifespan. Dr. Phillips’s research focuses on understanding individual and environmental level influences on behavioral and functional outcomes and applying this knowledge in intervention design and implementation. Additionally, she studies emerging methods and technologies that can be used to measure these influences and outcomes.

Jeremy Shields, M.S., LATG, is a Bioengineering student at Clemson University and the Research Program Manager for the ENACT study at Clemson’s IEA. Jeremy has experience in both academic and industry research, which includes preclinical study design, intelligent data analysis, communication and multidisciplinary collaborative work.

Kimberly Scoles, M.Ed., is the Research Program Manager for the PACT study at Clemson’s IEA. Most recently Kimberly served as the Research Manager: Data Collection and Analysis for the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of Alabama School of Medicine Birmingham. Kimberly has experience in academic research and curriculum design.

Mary Brock, M.J.M., is the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator for the PACT and ENACT studies at Clemson’s IEA. Mary was the Executive Director of Seniors in Service, a non-profit organization serving Northern Nevada. Mary has experience in community outreach and collaboration, grant administration, volunteer management and serving vulnerable populations.


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