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What We Did This Summer (September 2015)

The SHAARP Lab had a very productive summer! We'd like to share a little about what lab members did over the summer. In June, three of our undergraduate RA's graduated with Bachelor's of Science degrees: Lana Taylor, Lindsay Johnson, and Annmarie Tucker.

Congratulations, ladies!

Also in June: Drs. Ross and Phillips attended the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on the Safe Mobility of Older Persons. The meeting was held in Woods Hole, MA on June 28-30th. Dr. Ross is the Vice Chair of the committee.

Lab members also worked hard on papers this summer. We're so excited to announce that since this summer, two papers have been accepted! Dr. Phillips submitted a paper to the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, which was accepted this summer. The paper (which is in-press) is titled "Daily physical activity and cognitive function variability in older adults".

Erica Schmidt also submitted a paper this summer, titled "Cortical thickness in fronto-parietal and cingulo-opercular networks predicts executive function performance in older adults", to Neuropsychology. Congratulations to Dr. Phillips and Erica! More detailed information about the accepted papers can be found in "Publications".

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