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Welcome to the Study of Healthy Aging and Applied Research Programs (SHAARP) Lab!

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Virtual SHAARP Lab Photo for Spring 2022


The SHAARP Lab examines factors that keep older adults independent and mobile. We focus primarily on cognitive and functional abilities that may be modifiable through targeted interventions. Members of this lab have diverse backgrounds and interests (such as gerontology, human factors, neuropsychological assessment, neuroscience), and this is reflected in the variety of approaches we take to study the aging process. Currently we examining the impact of various cognitive and exercise intervention programs on cognitive, physical, and health outcomes in older adults. We are also particularly interested in the real-world implications of our findings. For example, how does the intervention translate into improvements in older adults' ability to carry out the activities of their daily lives? We hope that you will visit our page often for updates and find the provided information and links useful.

The SHAARP lab is located at both the Clemson University as well as the Pennsylvania State University.

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